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2-Person League
May 4th through August 31
Starting times 4pm to 5:15pm
Handicap - 90 % difference between the teams average
Contact Dave Bertram at 715-250-1692 or Clover Greens at 715-973-1015 for more information



Tee off between 3:30pm to 5:30pm
$20 per golfer, per week.


● Cost of the league will be $20 per golfer, per week. $17 will go towards green and cart fees. $3 will go towards hole prizes.
● Tee off when the two groups can between 3:30pm - 5:30pm
● Must use at least 2 tee shots from each player per round.
● The scoring will be if your team wins the hole you get 2 points. If the 2 teams tie the hole you each get 1 point. The team at the end of the round with the lowest golf score gets 5 points. If the 2 teams tie they each get 2 points.
● Handicaps are 90% of the team's average.
● Golfers may tee off from any tee box of their choice but must stay at that tee box for the entire season.
● You can go a club length from the ball you're playing but cannot move to a different cut length. Example: rough to fairway. Long grass to the rough.
● You can fluff/roll the ball.
● Putter length gimmes. If your ball is within a standard size putter length of the hole pick it up.
● Averages will be figured out after the 1st 2 weeks of league then they will change every week accordingly.
● A 10 shot max per hole. If you get to 10, pick your ball up.
● If you need to take a drop, use line of sight/flight of the ball.
● Absolutely no hitting out of anybody's yard.
● The league will be split between the two 9’s so just golf the 9 you are on each Thursday.
● On hole 11 and 17 if both golfers are in the gully in front of the tee boxes both golfers re-tee and if it happens again you drop and hit your 5th shot in front of the red tee boxes.
● On hole 18 if the ball is by the shed area in the gravel you must play it as it lies. No free drops. If you move it to the rough it counts as a drop.
● Please replace divots and ball marks on the green. Keep carts on cart paths. Keep carts 30 feet away from greens and tee boxes.
● It is each team's responsibility to let the other team know if they can’t golf on a Thursday. If you know you are going to be gone or on vacation matches can be done prior or after the scheduled week. If you can get a sub that will work as well. Just try to have the same sub all season if possible. If you have rotating partners, let Tad know who it will be each week ahead of time so Tad can get the correct names and averages on the score cards.● There is 20 white and red carts and we have 24 teams so every week I will go down the list of teams in a row and if you have a key for a green cart it's your week to use one so that the last teams that get to the course every week do not get stuck with a green cart every week.
● If anyone has any questions, concerns or suggestions please talk toTad Velte.
● Lastly, HAVE FUN!